Our Trustee

Our Trustees are volunteers appointed from the membership of the company and have involvement in how the company is managed and developed.

Being a trustee in a small, but developing, social enterprise like IEW can be a wonderful personal and professional experience. Many people just don’t get the opportunity to join a board in their regular working life but the truth is that so many people have so many skills and experiences to offer – and, this is what we want to encourage; people who have some time to give and would like to get involved.

If you'd like to become a trustee please get in touch for more information.

Our current trustees are:

Andy Austerfield

Though a Johnny come lately food grower, I only started growing in 2009 at the age of 42, I’ve come to love the time I spend on my own gardenshare plot and the opportunity to learn and share what I’ve learnt at Incredible Edible sessions.

This passion for growing and an awareness that rising fuel prices and climate change may bring a more uncertain future for us all inspired me to start Incredible Edible Wakefield as a community group in 2010 and to try to take a leading role as the range of community, education, health and business initiatives we have developed has grown and grown.

Incredible Edible’s unofficial motto – “If you eat you’re in” says it all for me.

Growing your own food is a pleasure that can be enjoyed by everyone, is amazingly fulfilling and has the potential to bring together communities that far too often find reasons to feel disconnected.

I’m immensely proud of what we have achieved together over the past few years and hope to be a part of the Incredible Edible future we have ahead of us.

Linda Firth

I joined Incredible Edible Wakefield a few years ago and attended a few meetings and I still have all the notes I made from the very informative talks and found the whole experience of the group very welcoming.

When I joined IE I felt inspired enough to obtain an allotment near my home in Fitzwilliam.  The allotment was going well but then my body began to suffer when I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, so I couldn’t continue.  However, I decided I could be a valuable Director behind the scenes.

I have many years’ of experience working as a qualified Management Accountant and enjoyed being a primary school Governor in the early 2000’s and took the lead role in financial matters, equality and Health and Safety.

I’ve been involved with budget management, forecasting, Business Case preparation and evaluation, planning and scheduling, Chairing Contract meetings, Project Management, delivering presentations and interactive workshops, bidding evaluations, analysing and delivering solutions to problem situations, working alongside, for and with some great people.

I also completed a Garden Design Course in 2006/7 (night class) and continue to listen to Radio 4 Gardeners Question time.

Sandra Jones

I have been actively involved with allotments since 1995. During the past 30 years I have visited a lot of the sites across the district and met some interesting and inspiring folk.

I love working with Incredible Edible and further it's aims and objectives and involving more people especially those not able to have their own allotment or grow their own food.

I am passionate about growing food, fruit and flowers and I enjoy helping others grow their own and by doing so, grow with confidence. I am quite political about food and in the past helped set up food co-operatives and raise awareness around food security and waste.

I have worked in the voluntary and community sector over twenty years, from helping set up social enterprises and secure funding to delivering on capacity building programmes to volunteering on many local and regional initiatives such as local exchange trading schemes.

Underpinning all my own work are my values of helping others; acting in a way that I would find supportive myself and listening and learning from others.

John Whiteman

I am not a gardener, I never got the bug to till the soil! However, I was energised by the Incredible Edible ethos and vision so, without getting my hands dirty at any point, I have found myself becoming a Director of Incredible Edible Wakefield.

Before I retired and finally escaped, I was a senior manager in local government dealing with disasters and emergencies. As someone with a background in project management, service and business planning I hope that I can bring those skills to bear in the development of what I believe to be an inspirational, incredible organisation. 

Suzanne Mitchell

I'm a very enthusiastic vegetable grower.  I've seen the amazing benefits producing our own veg has brought to my own family: in the form of a healthier diet, better quality produce, fitness levels, a greater understanding of what we eat and how it affects us and last but not least happiness levels. 

I'd like to see these benefits available to everyone and Incredible Edible Wakefield creates amazing opportunities for the residents of Wakefield to take their first steps into the world of growing your own.

Helen Brighton

I’ve always held a strong belief in sustainability and tried to do what I could to be conscious of the impacts of what I do and how I do things – sometimes successfully and sometimes not so much!

I had been thinking about what positive actions I could take on this subject which culminated in studying for a Permaculture Design Certificate with Aberystwyth University at the beginning of 2015.

I have never grown anything in my life so since completing the PDC I have been using the principle of small and slow solutions to begin my journey into sustainable food growing for myself and my family.

For me, community resilience is central to making ‘the world’ a better place and very much includes utilising the tools for sustainable food production through community development. I believe that by helping and encouraging communities to develop a love for and pride in their physical and social environment we can help everyone to manage whatever is thrown our way.

My professional skills include governance and management having worked for 5 years in the Red Cross as a senior manager, developing Emergency Response and Ambulance Services and I am also now Incredible Edible Wakefield's Designated Safeguarding Officer.

I am a crafter in my spare time, recycling, reusing and repurposing things - sometimes for pure enjoyment and sometimes for practical purposes and I am told I am pragmatic and innovative in my approach and in my creativeness.

I put it down to being a Yorkshire lass, born and bred in Wakefield!

Incredible Edible Wakefield

Incredible Edible Wakefield